The ABCs of Coaching Youth

A: Always remember that this is your players' only childhood!

B: Set Boundaries demanded by the Laws of the Game.

C: Consistent, sequential practices result in successful technique development.

D: Avoid Disciplining in anger.

E: Set a good Example through positive role-modeling.

F: Make hard work seem like Fun.

G: Never forget that it is only a Game.

H: Keep your sense of Humor and Help those who need help.

I: Use your Imagination to create a proper learning environment.

J: Hit the Jackpot by focusing on player and personal development.

K: Get to Know each player and their strengths & weaknesses.

L: Teach your players: "When the ball is in flight - Look left and right."

M: Be sure your Morals and standards of conduct are sound.

N: "No!" If you are going to use the word, then mean it.

O: Observe and help those who need help.

P: Predicting a Player's Potential before reaching Puberty is Preposterous.

Q: Listen to their Questions and give honest answers.

R: Show Respect, teach Respect and you will earn Respect.

S: Share your enthusiasm for the game with your players.

T: The Tone of your voice can convey more than the words spoken.

U: Understand the uniqueness of every player.

V: The tone of your Voice can convey more than the words spoken.

W: Keep your Word. Promises broken destroy trust.

X: EXamine constantly and be aware of your effect on each player.

Y: All Youth players have the potential to become mature/skilled players.

Z: A childhood can be Zapped by overzealous adults