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Gary Waltz

Correction to January’s Soccer California
In the January 2008 issue of Soccer California, the photo included next to Gary Waltz’ bio was incorrect. Please find the correct photo of Gary Waltz above. We apologize for the error!

California Youth
Soccer Association

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Meet Elizabeth Rappolt

An Extraordinary Volunteer and Coach

Elizabeth "Libby" Rappolt does not watch TV. She doesn’t have the time. Her day starts and ends with soccer.

“I get up in the morning at 6AM and get on the computer looking at emails,” she says. She receives from 15 to 40 a day from team administrators, coaches and parents associated with District 1’s Viking Club and Viking League. She is president of the club and director of coaching for the league.

The rest of her day is spent getting her son, a high school senior, off to school; working part time at a soccer equipment shop; practice with two teams that she coaches; making dinner for her family; and at night attending soccer-related meetings, or working on registration and other administrative tasks for her club and league.


Community-City Partnership
Brings New Life to Old Soccer Fields

The soccer field at Garfield Square Park in San Francisco’s Mission District used to be a brown, almost barren patch of land filled with holes. It was too wet to play when it rained and too dark for night games. Yet, children came.

“The field was so utilized that the grass would never grow,” says Dana Ketcham. “But, kids used to call it the place where you go to break your ankle.”