What are you doing?

I once had a friend who was experienced in the European training style. For practice, he had his team participate in a scrimmage. No training at all — he just ran a scrimmage. Once in a while, I would scrimmage his team (he had the “A” team at that age division and I had the “C” team.) He would run up and down yelling at his players:

  • Pass it! Pass it! (To whom?)
  • Don't do that again! (Do what?)
  • Give it to him! (To whom?)
  • Why are you doing that? (What?)
  • What did I tell you? (What?)
  • What are you doing? (My favorite)

The point is, that the best players need to be trained. Train the coach; train the player; train the team.

My friends in Holland tell me about some of the world-famous people who go to Zeist to be trained. Zeist is the national headquarters of the Royal Dutch Soccer Association (KNYB). The people go to learn how to train, and what to train.

The solution is not in Holland, but anyplace where coaches can receive the proper help. Some do not even know that they need it, like my friend who plays golf and tennis — he thinks that he is above it all.

None of us are above it all. Not the best in the world are above it all.

I have been to conventions where I have seen highly experienced coaches sitting at a clinic totally focused on what was being done — learning. I cannot stand the crybabies who claim that they learned nothing.

Get on with the program. Learn how to train and what to train. And do it!

A final thought: If players learned the correct thing the first time around, there is no need to go back to square one and start all over again. That makes things go quicker at each step of the game. My team lost only one game during the regular high school season because we had influenced the whole program up and down the line. Then, for the first week of practice, things went quicker and we could carry the team to a higher level before the season began. And it is more fun than yelling, "What are you doing?"

Finally, what are YOU doing? Are you planning to attend a CYSA Coaching School Course this year? Well, you should!