2009 US Youth Soccer adidas Workshop Administrator Synopsis

Analysis of Foul Play
Presenter: Bob Wertz
Soccer matches can be filled with enthusiasm, scoring and exciting play.Players make fair and unfair challenges to prevent their opponents from scoring goals, to disrupt their attack or simply gain possession of the ball. These unfair challenges become the basis for fouls during a match. In this updated look at foul play, you will learn the who, what, when, where, how and why players commit fouls along with recent trends.

Bylaws and Policies– Purposes, Provisions and Distinctions
Presenters: John Murphyand Bylaws and Policies Committee
This workshop will address the purpose of bylaws, and desirable and undesirable provisions.Sample bylaws for consideration by youth soccer organizations will be provided.It will help all US Youth Soccer-affiliated organizations understand and improve their organization by providing information that will facilitate review and modernization of the organization's most basic organic document and authority.

Changes to the 2009 US Youth Soccer National Championship Series
Presenter: US Youth Soccer National Championships Committee
Join us in an open discussion regarding the US Youth Soccer National Championships Series’ new format for 2009. The Committee will be answering any questions regarding the rules and format of the tournament.

Cooperation Between Coaches and Referees
Presenter: Rodney Kenney
This presentation discusses the relationship between coaches and referees and the needs of both parties. The presentation also covers how to improve that relationship for the betterment of the game.

Custom Web Sites – How To Present Your Organization
Presenter: Dave Fliegler
Find cost-effective ways to keep your web site current and fresh-looking. Learn how to give your members everything that they want, including content ideas, marketing, e-newsletters, audio and video. Don't let money stand in the way of having the web site you want. This is your key to getting a good-looking web site; the one you have always wanted.

Employee Terminations: All The Law You Need To Know
Presenter: Douglas J. Farmer
This session, presented by an employment law partner with over 20 years of experience, will cover everything you need to know about the law of employee terminations. The program will cover at-will employment, how to identify high-risk terminations, ways to manage termination risks, use of termination letters, termination checklists, how to conduct termination meetings and more.

FIFA's Official Indoor Sport
Presenters: Frank Bonardi and Alex Para
The presentation will focus on two areas: Futsal's organization and tactics of the game.The first part discusses how U.S. Futsal is organized and how it currently operates. Discuss Futsal's work with affiliated organizations, colleges, leagues, etc. The second part of the presentation discusses Futsal and its tactics. This section covers how to play the game, its rules and the game’s finer points.

50 Different Ways to Avoid Fraud
Presenter: Vern Hoven
A panel of fraud experts will be on hand to discuss real issues that can help non-profits prevent fraud.Bring your questions and concerns for a lively discussion on the ways to protect your assets.

Focusing on the Youth Game
Presenter: Rodney Kenney
This presentation covers changes to the youth game and whatthe coaches, spectators and players expectofthe referees and administrators in this new environment.

Giving Back to the Game: Funding and Resources Available To Your Club
Presenter: Sarah Pickens, U.S. Soccer Foundation
Since 1995, the U.S. Soccer Foundation has provided $50 million in grants, financial support and loans to help programs and initiatives in all 50 states.Sarah Pickens, community outreach and development coordinator for the U.S. Soccer Foundation, will lead an informative discussion in relation to the Foundation's annual grants, the collection and distribution of gently used equipment through the Passback program, and the momentum behind the Urban Soccer Collaborative.Other untapped resources including funding opportunities that US Youth Soccer offers to its member clubs and leagues through the sponsors and partners will also be presented.

Hiring For Soccer Organizations: All the Law You Need To Know
Presenter: Douglas J. Farmer
This session, presented by an employment law partner with over 20 years of experience, will cover everything you need to know about laws governing hiring. We will cover use of independent contractors (a major source of liability for soccer organizations), background checks, questions you can and can't ask in job interviews, job applications, how to construct job offer letters and more.

Insurance 101 – Do You Have Enough Coverage?
Presenter: Tony Petruzzi, GraceChurch Associate, Inc.
This session will discuss the two least-known insurance coverages that every US Youth Soccer State Association should have: Directors and Officers Liability Insurance or Crime Insurance. Who should be covered? What should be covered? What do I need to do in order to protect the State's assets?

Insurance Overview and Roundtable, Including Top-10 Claims Paid
Presenters: Risk Management Committee, Pat Pullen and Tony Petruzzi
What's covered?What's not?Do you need more?Learn what's included in a standard policy for your State Association and its players, coaches and administrators. Understand D&O, travel, medical and liability coverage and additional coverage such as supplemental and bonding.See how your policy protects your Association and when it may not.We'll also review the top-10 claims paid out and discuss how they could have been prevented.

Kohl's American Cup: Sharing Best Practices
Presenters: Rachel Knight, US Youth Soccer Marketing, and Emily Schwab, Kohl's Department Stores
First time hosting a Kohl's US Youth Soccer American Cup or looking to improve your event?Come hear US Youth Soccer State Associations and local organizers share best practices on how you can make your Kohl's American Cup tournament a great experience for recreational players.

Lessons Learned in Marketing Soccer to Hispanics
Presenter: Jaime Orejan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Sport Management, Winston Salem State University
This presentation will show why soccer has failed to attract Hispanics — particularly the youth. For this study, we surveyed 300 young male Hispanics in the eastern United States and analyzed the factors influencing their attendance, participation and level of involvement with soccer in the United States. Initial results seem to indicate a level of dissatisfaction with the product in general, and the overall presentation of the product when compared with soccer around the world. The biggest drawback and perhaps the clearest indicator of what officials have been missing is that the term soccer mom refers to a white, middle-class phenomenon, not the sport of the poor and of the people, as it is considered all over the world.

Leveraging Your Assets To Build Better Sponsorships
Presenter: Greg Letter, Adelphi University
Know your organization's strengths before facilitating a marketing strategy through a sponsorship program. First, audit your organization's assets; specifically, determine what you have to sell and what marketing objectives your organization is capable of achieving through sponsorship. Before the sponsorship sales process can take place, your organization needs to figure out how to further the success of the sponsorship through various leveraging activities. Most important, these activities require financial and human resources, to mention a few, so make sure the value of each sponsorship commitment you sell can support the resources necessary to carry out necessary leveraging activities.

Making Your State Association's Communications Relevant and Profitable
Presenter: Rob Smith, Communications Director, Maryland State Youth Soccer Association
This session will look at the tactics and techniques that State Associations can employ to make themselves a first stop for youth soccer information in their community. E-newsletters can be used to help pull people into your web site as well as provide timely information and be a source of revenue. Does a role for hard copy mailings still exist? Additional content ideas to better serve the youth soccer community and how to obtain media coverage for state activities will be covered.

Online Tournament Management – How to Make Your Next Tournament Better
Presenters: Dave Fliegler and Dick Groendal
What is online tournament management and registration? Learn how to make your tournament more successful and improve your tournament image while increasing productivity, efficiency and communication. Important elements, including security, ease of use, communication, registration, payment, game management, website and much more will be discussed during this session.

Owning and Building a Soccer Complex
Presenter: John Burrill
A discussion of the major considerations in building and maintaining your own soccer complex, beginning with the issues encountered in the acquisition and financing of the purchase of land for a soccer complex. How much land you actually will need? Once you own the land, what are the considerations in deciding what type of soccer complex to build?Once you decide what you want, how are you going to pay for the project? Once your financing is in place, what is the process of selecting of the engineering firm and, most importantly, the construction company, to build the complex? Who is overseeing the project during the construction phase?And finally, now that the complex is built, what is next?This seminar will provide guidance for such a project from someone whose US Youth Soccer State Association has gone through the entire cycle and seen the construction of a 16-field soccer complex to completion.

Retention of Referees in Today's Climate
Presenter: Gary Huber
This session will take an in-depth look into the reason for the loss of referees at the national rate of three of four every four years. This will include the influences of the State Referee Program, assignors, leagues, coaches, parents and many more pertinent items.We will discuss the successful and unsuccessful things you have experienced and share as a group.

Soccer Across America: Soccer In Underserved Areas
Presenter: John Kukitz, Chair of Soccer Across America Committee
Formerly known as Soccer Start, Soccer Across America is designed to introduce the sport of soccer to youth living in communities not yet served by existing clubs and leagues. Focused on making soccer available to lower-income children in underserved communities, Soccer Across America helps new programs find the funding and equipment to begin and then expand their activities. Not only does Mr. Kukitz serve as the Chair of the Soccer Across America committee, but he also serves as the president of Allentown Youth Soccer Club (PA), is a founding member of the Urban Soccer Collaborative and is a member of the NSCAA's Diversity Committee. Thirty years of experience serving his local community gives John a comprehensive perspective on the challenges and solutions in working with underserved communities.

Soccer in a Digital World
Presenters: Don Bohnet and US Youth Soccer Risk Management Committee
The purpose of this session is to inform and educate club, league and association administrators and parents about growing trends in the digital world that our players, coaches and administrators may engage and the associated risks and mitigation practices.

Start Your Own Youth Referee Academy
Presenter: Rodney Kenney
This presentation gives theparticipant an outline for starting a referee academyfrom the local club level and progresses through the state playoffs and beyond.

Teaching Youth Referees How to Manage Players and Coaches
Presenter: Bob Wertz, US Youth Soccer Referee Chairman
An important skill for the young aspiring referee is learning the ability to manage players and coaches during a soccer match. In this presentation, the six steps of player management will bedemonstrated, along with practices that can be used to become a successful referee.

10 Tips for Keeping You and Your Non-Profit out of Trouble
Presenter: Vern Hoven
Compliance with federal, state and local laws include employment taxes, sales taxes and local business licenses. This tax seminar will touch on solicitation rules, conflict of interest policy, the revised form 990 and board responsibilities.Vern Hoven, a tax expert, will also review all unrelated business taxable income definitions, give you rules on silent auctions, charity web links to corporate sponsors and make you aware of the substantiation requirements for charity donations including the "quid Pro quo" statement on charity receipts (particularly charity auctions, golf tournaments and dinners) for benefits received.

TOPSoccer: Marketing Your Program
Presenter: TOPSoccer Committee
The TOPSoccer Committee will host a strategic discussion of ideas and challenges experienced marketing a TOPSoccer program.Time will be provided for an open sharing of ideas and an opportunity to network with TOPSoccer representatives from around the country.The perspective of local programs, state coordinators, and regional representatives will enhance this discussion.

United States Soccer Federation Appeal Process
Presenters: Dave Laraba, Greg Fike and Tim Pinto
The presentation will review the U.S. Soccer Appeal Process on the first day. There will also be an update on the decision made by the Appeals Committee in 2008. A sample case will be available on U.S. Soccer's web site and at the end of the first session for review at the second session on Saturday. During the second session, the participants will be divided into mock appeal panels to discuss the sample case. The instructors will then reveal the actual decision of the U.S. Soccer Appeal Panel.

United States Soccer Federation Youth Registration Process
Presenter: Steven Murry
A discussion of the youth player registration process in the United States, as determined by the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players under FIFA's Regulations.Currently, compliance with the relevant rules is inconsistent from one organization member to the next.This presentation will clarify the rules and introduce updated forms. It is part of U.S. Soccer's effort to ensure consistent application of the rules throughout the US Youth Soccer State Associations.

US Youth Soccer Presidents Cup
Presenter: Ed Loucks, Presidents Cup Committee Chair
Presidents Cup has been introduced to provide a playoff experience ending in a championship series for representatives of states who may not be competitive in the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series.The 2009 location will be announced.This session describes the method each of the four Regions will use to find their representatives, and how the Presidents Cup championships weekend is formatted.Having built on the experiences of the Directors Cup for the last year, the Presidents Cup's new name and the more definitive participation guidelines will begin to frame the expectations of both US Youth Soccer leadership and the participants.Consideration of the location for the 2010 competition will be made during this workshop.

What? Me Chair a Meeting?
Presenter: Larry Monaco
The first part of this Workshop session will briefly review some of the major concepts of parliamentary procedure in regard to chairing a meeting: basic parliamentary authority and principles; the different types of meetings; the authority of the chair of a meeting; some ways to expedite running a meeting; common errors that occur and how to avoid those errors; and how to count votes. These basic concepts will then be put to use in a practice US Youth Soccer Board of Directors meeting that will involve participants at the Workshop session.

Who is Responsible for the Referee Development and Advancement
Presenter: Kevin Yant
How do we, as state referee committees, reduce the number of referees leaving the program each year?This session will give you ideas on how to develop this missing piece in referee development. There is no doubt we have all the instructional tools to develop new referees but how do we keep them in the program? Although on-the-job experiences, referee re-certification programs and referee camps will provide a progressive path for preparing our new developing referees, the value of mentoring to these individuals cannot be overstated.Mentorship is an important growth factor in the new referee's life-long learning experience. Mentoring is a dynamic partnering arrangement that is important to referee development and the success of the association.

Winning Isn't Everything
Presenter: Sid Bloom
This session will be a round table discussion with the eight Regional Finalists for US Youth Soccer Recreational Coach of the Year, Boys and Girls. You will get a chance to meet them and herar their secrets to teaching and working with the recreational players and parents.

Youth Soccer Month in Action
Presenter: Kim Goggans, US Youth Soccer Marketing
The sixth annual Youth Soccer Month showed the power and influence of soccer in America and was a success with US Youth Soccer State Associations, colleges and MLS teams celebrating across the country.Come listen to our national initiatives for the 2009 Youth Soccer Month and hear from your colleagues how they made the most of this perfect opportunity to focus the spotlight on your State Association and its programs.