CYSA Introduces Director of Coaching Pass

In keeping up with the evolving needs of our membership, the California Youth Soccer Association (CYSA) Board of Directors, at their July meeting, approved a Director of Coaching (DOC) pass for use at CYSA-sanctioned events.

CYSA will issue the DOC pass to League and Club Directors of Coaching, eliminating the need to have a DOC coach's pass on all team rings or listing the DOC on every roster. The new DOC pass is designed to aid Directors of Coaching in performing their duties for the entire club, while eliminating unnecessary paperwork and delays.

The DOC pass will be issued through the CYSA main office. Directors of Coaching will be required to wear the pass whenever they are on the sidelines (technical area) of any team in their purview. (Leagues of Registration with multiple clubs must specify the club(s) for which the DOC pass is valid).

There is no fee to obtain the CYSA Director of Coaching pass. The DOC Pass application form can be found on the CYSA website under the "Forms and Manual" page. The completed application, with League President Signature, can be emailed, faxed or mailed to the CYSA main office. The pass will be mailed directly to the Director of Coaching. DOC passes are season-specific and must be applied for annually.

You can download the application here (pdf).