CYSA’s Web Site Wins Design Award in International Competition

CYSA’s new web site is a big winner in the 2010 Hermes Creative Awards competition. The site was recently honored with a Gold Award for Overall Web Site Design from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), an international group. The award was presented to TLW Public Relations, the firm hired to do the redesign, and its software engineer, Tony Perrault.

“Although it’s not a scientific poll, a survey on the site finds that over sixty-one percent of visitors to it either ‘like it a lot,’ or think ‘it’s good,’ says Brian Siwy, CYSA’s web site administrator. “We think it looks and functions much better than the old one, and it’s good to know that the judges at AMCP found it to be one of the best.”

The site, which once had thousands of pages and still has volumes of information, is now run as a data-driven, Content Management System (CMS) that is easier for CYSA’s personnel to manage and for visitors to navigate.

There were 3,600 entries in the 2010 Hermes Awards competition from across the United States, Europe and Canada. Winners were selected from 144 categories in advertising, marketing/branding, public relations and other forms of traditional and new media. Eighteen percent of the entrants won gold awards.

The award recognizes work that “exceeds a high standard of excellence…and serves as a benchmark for the industry,” stated Hermes Awards spokesperson Ed Dalheim, in an AMCP news release.

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