Deadline – Sept. 30, 2009

Any proposed change to the Constitution and Bylaws, General Procedures and Specific Rules must be received at the CYSA office no later than 5 p.m. on Sept. 30, 2009. Proposals received after the Sept. 30 deadline will not be considered. In addition, no changes to a proposal or its justification, other than to correct obvious typographical errors, may be made after the Sept. 30 deadline. Proposals may be submitted by:

  1. A CYSA-affiliated league
  2. The CYSA Board of Directors
  3. A Member of the CYSA Board of Directors

Proposals submitted by a CYSA affiliated league must be on league letterhead with a copy of the league BOD meeting minutes showing the league approval of the proposed rule change.

Submit proposals to the CYSA office:
1040 Serpentine Lane, Suite 201
Pleasanton, CA 94566-4754